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All the babies and children at St. Benedict’s Nursery come from very poor families, , clinicsRead More

ST. Peter

For our advantage and the children’s convenience, we have divided the orphanage Read More

ST. Benedict

At present, babies, toddlers and pre- school aged children are 42 in number and girls Read More


On 11th February 1883 our Foundress, Euphrasie Barbier and her five companions embarked on a remarkable journey from Lyon in France to Trieste in Northern Italy where they departed on an Austrian ship, the Castor, for the shores of India, to establish the first RNDM Missions in Asia. The turbulence and calm of that voyage marked the origins of the Mission in Chittagong. The six women who disembarked at the port of Chittagong on Easter Sunday morning, 25th March 1883, knelt to kiss the soil in a gesture of thanksgiving for a safe arrival and in respect and recognition of the sacredness of the land where they would make their home. In the first month the Sisters settled

into their temporary home and began lessons in Hindi and Bengali. Adjusted to the sights and sounds of a new culture and way of life, within a few weeks the Sisters ended up opening a school for poor children, a hostel, an orphanage, a refuge for young widows and a fee paying school for young ladies. Euphrasie also commenced catechism classes for young girls who were preparing for marriage. On the arrival of the Sisters of Our Lady of Missions in 1883, Bishop Balsieper OSB entrusted these varied apostolates to the RNDM Sisters. From the time of its foundation, the Community members at St. Scholastica's Convent took upon themselves the responsibility of these children, and since then they have become part and parcel of the Sisters life.

St. Benedict Creche/Nursery
Main Compound

As the Orphanage then belonged to the parish, Bishop Balsieper OSB promised to support it with some financial contributions. Dom Gregory de Groote, OSB - then Vicar of Dhaka, took great care of the orphans and helped the sisters financially to maintain the orphanage as per the Agreement, signed between the Bishop and the Congregation of the Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions. Another foundation of the Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions in Dhaka city was dated January 1912, and one of the first duties imposed on the Sisters by Bishop Francis Frederic Linneborn CSC was to alleviate the sad state of the neglected babies. Some parents came to hand over their baby-girls to the care of the Sisters as they were considered a burden to them. Some were either picked up from the roadsides or brought into the Creche by some charitable people, who knew there was a refuge for these little ones, or they were given to the Sisters by poor relatives of the motherless infants. It is on record that the majority of these infants died soon after their arrival due to previous deprivation and want.