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All the babies and children at St. Benedict's Nursery come from very poor families, unwed mothers Read More


For our advantage and the children’s convenience, we have divided the orphanage Read More

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At present, babies,toddlers and pre- school aged children are 42 in number and girlsRead More

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Mother Euphrasie Barbier

All the babies and children at St. Benedict's Nursery come from very poor families, unwed mothers, hospitals, clinics, from the streets and broken homes. Some are found wrapped with pieces of cloth at the main entrance door to the Convent and others are just left outside the gate to the Nursery. Babies are received from one day old and onward.

The Nursery takes the children who have been totally abandoned for whatever reason, some permanently, others are fostered by us until the parent is in a position to take the child back. For example, a widowed mother cannot work and still look after her child so St. Benedict's Nursery takes full care of the child for food, clothing, medicine and all essential needs until the parent is in a position to resume responsibility.  On occasion Sister-in-charge of St. Benedict's Nursery is able to secure employment for the mother and in this way she is free to work while at the same time being able to see her baby from time to time.


Sr. Bibiana Pathang (rndm) students
CEO of St Benedict Nursery

For our advantage and the children's convenience, we have divided the orphanage into two sections namely, St. Benedict's Nursery (Creche) where babies, boys and girls, of 1 day old to 6 years are cared for. In our latest policy, however, we have decided to raise the age to 11 or 12 years. The other section is St. Peter's Orphanage where girls of 7 to 20 years are accepted and cared for. This is an all Christian girls' Orphanage. Where as at St. Benedict's Nursery there is no distinction of caste or creed and babies of all religions are received with greatest love and affection. When the boys leave us they are helped to find acceptance in some other suitable institution with a safe and congenial environment or family.


At present, babies, toddlers and pre- school aged children are 42 in number and girls of St. Peter's are 46 in total. Of course, the number of children fluctuates according to life situations. Bigger girls are accepted into our regular St. Scholastica's Kindergarten school on the premises, from the age of four years. We are happy to note that their progress is very consistent and they enjoy their classes and interaction with other children of their age. The girls from St. Peter's orphanage continue studies in St. Scholastica's Girls' High School. For their benefit and progress, we arrange for house tutors to help them develop their reading, writing and other academic skills and they also participate in a number of extra curricular activities such as, dancing, singing, art and various fun- time games. We also allow them to watch TV, and Video programmes suitable for children. In general life is made as homely and as interesting as possible for these little ones who are always looking for ways and means to be active and busy. Those who are capable, also delight in helping their 'mashis'(co-workers) with putting the clothes to dry and doing various other little jobs around the place.