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All the babies and children at St. Benedict’s Nursery come from very poor families, , clinicsRead More

ST .Peter

For our advantage and the children’s convenience, we have divided the orphanage Read More

ST. Benedict

At present, babies, toddlers and pre- school aged children are 42 in number and girls Read More

Naming of the orphange

St. Benedicts Creche/Nursery's Naming

The first Creche was at St. Francis Xavier's Convent, Luxmibazar, Dhaka. The Sisters were helped in those days by Miss Ela Rodricks, well known to everyone as 'Godma' as she had befriended and cared for so many little ones.  Mrs. Arnold, the sister of our then Provincial Superior, M. M. St.  Ambrose RNDM also volunteered to help in this worthwhile and charitable work.  In due time and due to the growing inconveniences, the Creche had to be moved to St.Euphrasie's Convent, Hashnabad for some years. 

AT Benedict

Later there was the final move, this time to St. Scholastica's Convent, Chittagong , as most of the infants came from Chittagong and its suburbs. There the creche has taken roots and remains very much a welcome part of the St. Scholastica's compound to this day. In Chittagong the babies were first housed on the ground floor attached to the gate-house parlour at the entrance to the Convent. Due to increase in numbers and being too close to the parlour and because of several other inconveniences, the creche was shifted to the place where the Novitiate was previously at the east end of the compound. This was originally known as the 'BLUE HOUSE' and seemed a very acceptable 'home' for our babies where they have nature all around them and lots of play space and other facilities. Of course much renovating had to be done to the building at the beginning and additions followed later on. It was in itself a beautiful cottage type one-storied semi-pucca structure.

In 1970-71, at the time of Sister Mary Imelda Jesus, then Provincial Superior, the babies' creche had to be separately named as a department on its own. It was realized at the time that financial help would be needed for any further developments to the building and so that Caritas Bangladesh could assist financially under its own Directives, the creche had to be a separate unit. The great need for monetary assistance really came after the Liberation War, and as the Sisters could not cope with the expenses incurred in the running of the big creche, it was therefore shown as a separate entity and named "ST. BENEDICT'S NURSERY." Thereafter, Caritas gave substantial help for the extension to the building and other requirements.

St. Peter's Orphanages's Naming

After the Independence of India in 1947 St. Mary's Boarding School was closed keeping only the orphan girls. During this period a Holy Cross Brother, Flavien La Plante csc who worked among the fisher folks

ST Peter

of Chittagong, started sending parent less children in great numbers to our Orphanage. St. Peter being the Patron of the Fishermen the name of the Orphanage was after him "ST. PETER'S ORPHANAGE".