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We wish their bright future and good human beings, through the quality of education.Read More


We believe that through our loving care, the helpless ones, become a part of uplifted society. Read More


We need your help to survive properly in this beautiful world.
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Visit & Stay with us for a while.

Visit us
If you are planning to visit us personally with the family or by the arrangement of your school, organization or social program, please do so. We are open to receive you in our humble home. Of course, we realize that many people lead such busy lives that they do not have the chance to visit within their own country or outside the country even for a short visit.  However, if you do avail yourself of such an opportunity you are most welcome.


How do you come?

To travel to Chittagong depends on your own choice. There are transports available to make your journey comfortable, by train, bus, rickshaw, private car and by plane!

Where will you go?

To St. Benedict's Nursery - in the compound of St. Scholastica's Convent, 41 Bandel Road, Patherghata, Chittagong.  The location is easy to access as it is in a prominent position just opposite to the Catholic Cathedral Church of the Holy Rosary in the port city of Bangladesh!

What do you want to do here?

You may involve yourselves at the Nursery and Orphanage to enrich the children's knowledge and skills. You can facilitate all the required programmes for the orphanage different activities such as, games and any other attractive, entertaining items.  You will enjoy that experience and definitely the little ones will be thrilled and enlightened.

The children just love to come in contact with people who love them enough to spend a little time with them at their level! And that is very important for their growth.

I personally and  the members of our committee  are happy to talk about St. Benedict's Nursery and St. Peter's Orphanage where you will be pleased to hear that these babies, children and girls are receiving love, care and the opportunity to develop in every way comparable to those of better means. Your kindness and compassion go an extremely long way to giving them hope and courage to face life at all costs. Together we can help to ensure a bright future for those who cannot yet speak for themselves.  

On behalf of the orphans, staff members and my Sisters in the Congregation, I wish to extend our most sincere thanks to all of you.

With warm regards and blessings.

Thanking you.

Yours Sincerely

Bibiana Pathang rndm
Phone No: 088-031-2852717,634059
email: st.benedict_nctg@yahoo.comcnhg